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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  January 30, 2013 6:00am-9:00am PST

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e you going to hear them congratulate president obama today when the market is soaring? yeah. of course not. don't hold your breath. all right, folks. go out and have a good one. come back and see us right here tomorrow on "the full court press". >> this is "the bill press show."
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. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: hooray! we've been waiting to say this for awhile. senator barbara boxer on the big show today. woo-hoo! [ applause ] jacki schechner here's the difference between you and jim ward. >> yes? >> stephanie: well, you texted me during the show to see how i was doing. you had concerned questions and all of that.
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jim said how are you doing? that's because he's concerned he will get the norovirus. >> what i would like to know is that senator barbara boxer is coming on the show in spite of the lunch you had with her? >> stephanie: chris and i got through it with no incident. >> he didn't throw a roll? >> stephanie: no. yeah. jim was like did you go to the doctor? he would have had me sit in rush hour for and i would have to say my cohost is a hypocontree yak so i drove across town so you could tell me i don't have norovirus because all he cares about is him. ever since that ectopic pregnancy went wrong. here she is, jacki schechner my real bff in the current news center. >> good news for the president this morning everybody. his popularity at a three-year high. according to a new poll out from "washington post" abc news, 60% of americans have a favorable
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opinion of the president which is his highest since his first year in office. two groups voted against him in november seems to be coming around, that is independents and seniors. they'll give him favorable ratings above 50% and they're up by nine points. administration's efforts to work on curbing gun violence in america are taking a step forward today as the senate judiciary committee becomes the first to hold hearings on possible gun control measures. chairman patrick leahy says he hopes that today's hearing set lawmakers down a path of drafting legislation that can pass the full senate. congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband mark kelly are set to testify as is nra executive wayne lapierrre. he has prepared remarks were released yesterday. his group will continue to oppose any and all new gun laws and that would include an assault weapons ban and any requirement for a universal background check. congressman paul ryan also against an assault weapons ban and any restriction on
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high-capacity magazines. seems to be breaking with the nra on one point. in an interview with the "milwaukee journal sentinel," congressman ryan called the gun show loophole an obvious problem. the nra has denied it exists. ryan has indicated he is willing to bend on closing the loophole. we're back with more show after the break. stay with us. right have, about the "heavy hand of government" ... i want to have that conversation. let's talk about it. really? you're going to lay people off because now the government is going to help you fund your healthcare. really? i want to have those conversations, not to be confrontational, but to understand what the other side is saying, and i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
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>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: yahoo! marginally good if you're me.
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six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number. still recovering from my bout with food poisoning sunday but i'm fine now. jim. yes. as i was discussing with jacki she actually cares about me. she texts right away, are you okay? can i get you anything? jim is asking, because he doesn't want me to get him sick. it is all about him. how are you this morning? >> i was concerned. obviously it's not -- >> stephanie: did you go to the doctor? no because the doctor would have said you're recovering from food poisoning you ought to be in bed. did jim ward make you come? and now i've been in traffic for two hours when i should be home resting. >> do you have to be here? >> stephanie: the doctor knows who we are. the door would open, tell jim ward you don't have norovirus and then slam, go home, rest. hydrate! >> the whole hoe -- show. >> tell chris she's coming in tomorrow. >> stephanie: tell him not to
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bring the mask today. all right. there are some really pleasant sexy side effects by the way. [farting] you know, when you're done with that part. >> the cleaning of the toilet? >> stephanie: dirty diapers and moldy covers. what's going on? [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: what? >> you have to clean every toilet in your house pretty much. >> stephanie: yes. i hit all of them. fine! >> even the powder room toilet that nobody uses. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: with the fancy soaps. use those. and the fancy towels. >> they're not that fancy anymore. towels for company. >> stephanie: it looks like the raid in "zero dark thirty." jim is the only person who never texts me or e-mails me about a party at my house. he always said i don't get
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texts, they disappear. then he doesn't get e-mails either. >> but you always say reply now. reply with the answer now! >> stephanie: well? >> i leave my phone charging sometimes somewhere. >> stephanie: all right. you never get e-mails either, whatever. >> i get texts when my phone is charging. >> stephanie: jim is like -- i don't know, somehow i picture him by like candlelight with a quill pen. i had to change my cell phone plan. i didn't know what data was. what do i have? i didn't know if i had unlimited text -- unlimited data? i had to ask. what's data? because i'm over in my texting. i'm over so i had to switch. >> unlimited texting. >> stephanie: right. because you know, when you have to -- a new thing going on, you text a little more. that's not important now. [ buzzer ] >> really? [ ♪ dramatic ♪ ] >> stephanie: it's not important. the point is i don't know -- i
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didn't know that text -- so data does not include texts. what is data? >> data is like internet and apps and stuff like that. >> stephanie: i don't use that either. i don't understand. i have unlimited data. i probably don't need that. i didn't even know what an app is. i didn't know i am an app. why look, it is an unsolicited testimonial to my app. love you and the show so much. purchased the stephanie miller app. a woman an app a dessert topping. i tivo the show. mother jones comparing spending. i want to text this to sean hannity now that i have unlimited texting, i'm going to text it to him every time he says about the government spending under obama. >> you do have his personal cell, don't you? >> stephanie: i do. text him this graph because i think we played a clip yesterday where -- the president is spending -- the president is
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spending -- >> that's a lie. >> stephanie: that's the way it sounds in my head. does he say it differently? >> a little bit. with a long island accent. >> stephanie: anyway. as you can see under bush, it was very high. under p.o.t.u.s., at a low. we talked about this graph before. government at an all-time low. exhaustedly, we've said on the program. putting the two wars on the show. medicaid part b, it is now obama's spending -- all right. oh, look, it is future husband stack. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] i need someone that cares about me. >> well apparently you have -- >> stephanie: i'm gesturing at jim. he doesn't know because he doesn't pay attention to me. >> because i'm trying to read e-mail. >> during the show? >> stephanie: i'm talking. reading while i'm talking. you're not paying attention are
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you? >> why do you need a future husband if you got a new little thing going on? >> stephanie: listen! >> you spilled the beans. >> it is you and mrs. jones, right? you got a thing going on? >> stephanie: travis was there saturday. it's not important. okay. >> okay then. >> stephanie: this is -- brian wendler, please and thank you. sixth arrest for dui. at the time of his arrest, he was wearing a shirt that read been drinking, free breathalyzer test with an arrow pointed at his mouth. >> he got that crazy shirt at the mall. >> stephanie: good thing the cop didn't find that all that funny. >> that's the kind of shirt you finds at spencer's spencer's gifts. >> stephanie: i used to get gag gifts there in high school. >> snake in a can. >> stephanie: that was the coolest gift for your high school friend ever! >> in the back, they had the black light section with all of the glow in the dark posters.
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>> stephanie: right. okay. all right. dawn in washington state, i read this story that i found just -- vomitous in "the new york times" sunday. front page of "the new york times" about selling a younger generation on guns. the lengths that the gun industry is going to get younger and younger kids interested in guns. isn't that fun? did you watch the video of the father of the sandy hook kid that was killed getting heckled by the gun -- >> gun nuts. >> stephanie: that was nice. >> classy. >> they couldn't even get the words right to the second amendment. we have a right to arm -- bears -- uh, regulation. military. >> stephanie: he was very well spoken the father. the article you write about selling a new generation on guns was beyond nauseating. i had a dear friend -- brandon was raised in a family of avid hunters. his parents were responsible gun owners. they taught him to fire his
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first gun at the age of 8. he was an experienced deer hunter. he received experience and he knew the rules of responsible gun ownership. that training wasn't enough to save his life. one day while talking to his older sister, he started goofing around with a handgun he thought was unloaded. he shot himself in the head. he died instantly. he was 15 years old. there's a lot of those stories obviously out there. the story i found -- every day, i have a new infuriating gun story. >> okay. >> stephanie: that was the one sunday. then yesterday it was about all of the holes in our background check. it is ridiculous. they keep -- you know, the nra always blames only mental health. first of all republicans, cut mental health funding. they've done so much to weaken the mental health background checks they aren't reporting to the federal database so half the time anyways, i don't know how easy it is for the violently
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mentally ill to get guns. even that part of it is not you know, because thanks to the nra. thanks nra. [ applause ] all right. that was my opening snit. thank you. >> need a hug? >> stephanie: get that out of my craw. i'm fine. senator barbara boxer on the big show today. yea! [ applause ] johansen to talk about -- joe hanson to talk about immigration reform. what did he say? we all were them once. >> sure. >> stephanie: we were all them once. meaning from somewhere else. >> yeah, yeah. did he put it exactly like that? >> stephanie: probably not. >> probably more artfully. >> stephanie: how many years did it take us to get to the iraq thing? we need to get out of iraq as carefully -- put myself into a corner and then i have to track red paint to get back. [ speaking spanish ] >> we need to get out of iraq as
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carefully -- carelessly -- >> now i've forgotten what it is. >> stephanie: carelessly as we got into iraq. no. you understand what i mean. >> yes. i do. >> stephanie: see, you get in the same cul-de-sac with me. i drive in there and you're like oh -- now we're at a dead end. >> i'm in the child seat in the back. there's no escape. >> stephanie: so the incredibly helpful wayne lapierrre i guess will testify today before the senate. he said there's no point in pursuing universal background checks for firearms purchases. he plans to tell the senate today because bad guys will get guns anyway. so there's that talking point again. [ applause ] >> as cheap and easy as possible. to get guns. >> stephanie: i'll get to points from the story later chris, but that's exactly it. should we not talk about reasonable ways to make it a little harder to get a gun? that's all. it is the combination as the
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father testifying so compellingly. he talked about being from a family of hunters and gun owners. he just -- it is the basic thing everyone said you don't need to have these military guns. and he said this mother was a quote-unquote responsible gun owner i guess under wayne lapierrre's rules right? he was saying -- and yet there was no reason for thor have these kind of guns in the house. particularly knowing she had a troubled kid like that. i just read another story about a guy -- ugh. hang on. i'm still a little vomitous. i'll tell you the details later. he just killed the mother. 17 minutes after the hour. right back. lots to go on "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: the station where the handbasket to hell leaves from. it's the "the stephanie miller show."
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>>we tackle the big issues here in our nation's capital.
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ it's incredible ♪ >> stephanie: ha, it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 22 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number. oh that was part of the story i read. schizophrenic lived with his mother and anyway, bought a bunch of guns, violently mentally ill guy bought a bunch of guys and shot her and killed her. he sawed her up into parts and parts of her were in the freezer [ whatever! ] >> stephanie: he passed a
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background check. went to walmart and got a gun and gun world and got a gun. standoff with the police, 12 hours, he was arrested. blah blah, anyway. all right. oh, by the way speaking of future husbands, joe biden sorry, dr. jill. >> whom we've had on the show, dr. jill biden. >> stephanie: i know it, right he's so charming and handsome and romantic. michael bloomberg said you know, joe biden, you can joke about him all you want but he's got a set of balls and he says what's believes and he forced the focus on gay marriage. yet another reason to love him. ♪ let's hear it for the boy ♪ ♪ let's give the boy a hand ♪ >> stephanie: he said i'm sure the president was evolving and was about to do iton way. biden should be the hero of the pro-gay marriage community. he is. we love him. i want to date him and kiss him in a really gay way. probably writers are like
6:25 am
really do i have to write a story about 2016? some opinion writer said she doesn't think hillary or joe biden will run because of age. he will be 74. she will be 69. >> i think they both could run. >> stephanie: the writer could be completely wrong as many people are four years out. let's ask dick morris. what does he think? >> oh, god. >> stephanie: whatever the book is going to be. teresa in florida, you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi therese. >> caller: hi, how you doing? >> stephanie: good. how are you? >> caller: i'm doing great. on my facebook page today under -- they're claiming that the sandy hill shootings were faked by obama to take on guns. >> stephanie: yes yes. >> caller: they've got this long list of like you know, everybody was actors, that -- they're all
6:26 am
actors and that some cops took some child-like dolls from a patrol car. >> oh, come on. >> caller: and placed them on a gurney. >> stephanie: i know. we talked about this right after the -- the right wing lunatic fringe seems to have no edge anymore. they go right off the lunatic edge immediately. >> caller: the children are actors. >> really? >> stephanie: they're like oh, really, who could make this up? a bunch of first graders at christmastime. really? really? [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] how about this story. gun rights act vibleses plan a day of resistance for february 23rd in honor of the assault weapon. they're planning a nationwide day of's sistance on the -- day of resistance to the february 23
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which bears resemblance to the guns used at sandy hook. the date 2-23 as a clever way to attract the gun crowd. screw the parents and victims and stuff. >> oh god. >> stephanie: it would be denied it would be seen as insensitive. >> oh, please. >> stephanie: a series of rallies by tea party activists and pro gun campaigners will be held across the u.s. in response to 23 executive orders. see how that ties in, too introduced by president obama they say that they say are unconstitutional. a 2-23 bushmaster semi-automatic rifle was used in the sandy hook shootings while an ar-15 was used in the aurora killings. see how that's a clever marketing ploy now? >> neato. >> stephanie: wiley in durham north carolina. hi wiley. >> caller: good morning, stephanie. >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: i'm just wondering all of the people that are pushing for all of these voter
6:28 am
i.d. bills through all of these states are they the same people that wanted to protect the gun seams that require no i.d.? >> stephanie: yes, interesting. >> caller: very interesting. >> stephanie: you have to have i.d. up the yahoo to vote but to get a gun? >> you can be a yahoo. >> stephanie: like many of the commenters in the yahoo news story section. are comprised entirely of -- >> yahoos. >> stephanie: i don't understand -- does wayne lapierrre makes my blood boil just seeing him. there's no point in background checks? because bad guys will get guns anyway? >> why have any laws at all because someone is going to violate them. >> stephanie: there shouldn't be any laws against guns of any kind. >> or any laws of any kind. be free. do whatever you want. >> he's so unwilling to talk to anybody. >> he's got his own internal monologue.
6:29 am
>> stephanie: yeah. okay. caroline in sacramento. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi caroline. hey, caroline. >> caller: hi. >> stephanie: hello. >> caller: how are you? >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: well, yesterday i was watching martin bashir and he was interviewing some state senator from tennessee and this guy has a bill in the state senate there that the amount of the welfare checks that the families get would be dependent on whether their children pass the standardized tests in school. in other words, if they didn't pass, then the welfare check would be reduced. >> stephanie: uh-huh. >> caller: martin bashir was questioning that and the guy said well, we're not expecting the child to be a rocket surgeon and i thought rocket surgeon? rocket scientist yes. brain surgeon, yes. rocket surgeon? no. >> stephanie: are there rocket surgeons? i don't know. >> caller: i don't know.
6:30 am
all i can think of is it is a good thing the tennessee state senators pay is not based on him passing standardized tests because i'm pretty sure he wouldn't pass. >> stephanie: exactly. >> i'm not a rocket propelled sturgeon but -- >> i just got a vision of a rocket-propelled sturgen in my head. that's very funny. someone will send a picture of that. >> stephanie: brain surgeon. >> i won't get because my e-mail has been hacked and it is useless. >> stephanie: you know, i will say this about jim's e-mail. it is very very secure. [ ding ding ] [ applause ] speaking of jim's unconcern for me in every way, i got a thing in my e-mail from james ward that said i thought of you and saw this and so i knew it was something not to open with a virus in it. >> and you are? >> stephanie: jim would never say this is something cute that stephanie will enjoy.
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i'll send this to her. >> it is a kitty eating a watermelon. >> stephanie: i was like oh, jim's been hacked. this is something i shouldn't open. thinking of me. oh whatever. 29 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ ♪
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>> i met a girl, mom. >> that's wonderful, honey. >> her name is. >> stephanie miller. >> is she nice? >> she's really nice and super pretty and her bicycle seat smells like strawberry. >> oh, okay. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number.
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>> glad we didn't play that one before barbara boxer. >> stephanie: dial tone again. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. oh, speaking of awesome women my mom my now 90-year-old republican mom -- >> you've been saying 80 something-year-old forever. now 90. >> stephanie: just took her out for some lobster last week in charlotte. we had a lovely time. i was telling her i said this is so much fun. we have to do this more often. mom, i kind of feel guilty. one of my mom calls her friend -- one of my friends calls her mom every day. she said oh dear, i wouldn't want you to call me every day. a little of you goes a long way dear. >> oh. >> stephanie: well, you know that. you have to see me every day. >> i do. >> stephanie: can you imagine if you had a choice? >> i try not to pick up the phone to call you because i
6:37 am
know -- [ laughter ] >> stephanie: i know when my name comes up on -- my mom same reaction. i just talked to you last month. [ laughter ] >> a little text goes a long way. >> stephanie: my mom doesn't text. >> well, okay. she can barely figure out the answering machine. >> stephanie: lots of comments on my mom's cassette play they're we posted on "the stephanie miller show" facebook. it was awesome. it was all the rage in the '70s. >> and '80s. >> stephanie: barbara in d.c., you're on "the stephanie miller show." hey, barb. >> caller: hey, stephanie. you made the comment already that wayne lapierrre in my opinion is off his rocker. i mean don't do background checks? that's crazy. why do we even have speed limits? >> stephanie: stop signs. criminals won't pay attention to stop signs. >> caller: exactly. why do we have a drinking age? because kids will get alcohol
6:38 am
anyway. it doesn't make sense. >> stephanie: his argument made no sense to me. he said criminals will never submit to background checks. it is like what? yes, they will. if they have to go through one to get a gun -- >> they will do it. then we'll catch them. >> stephanie: the virginia tech shooter he had been declared mentally ill by a psychiatrist. he passed a background check. there is something wrong with our background system. states aren't communicating with the federal government so there's no database, barb. >> caller: right. it doesn't make sense. he's off his rocker like i said. he's crazy. >> not every criminal or crazy person who wants to get a gun knows how to get a gun on the black market. sometimes the only place they know where to get a gun is a gunshop. >> stephanie: we quoted a psychiatrist as saying you know,et a whole piece that many times people with those kind of mental illnesses, it is difficult for them to complete those tasks and if you make it more difficult they won't be able to complete the amount of tasks to do
6:39 am
something like that. we're just making it breathtakingly easy for people that are seriously mentally ill to get -- you know, not just any gun. ak-47s and whatever -- ar-15s. [ whatever! ] >> stephanie: whatever! bingo! [ laughter ] anyway, i don't know what else -- i think as jim has pointed out. wayne lapierrre you think he's too crazy to have a gun. >> should murder really be illegal? because they'll kill people anyway. >> stephanie: that guy. too crazy to have a gun. see? this story this horrible story i was telling you about the violently schizophrenic guy that passed background checks, bought guns, several guns within days. gun world walmart and shot his mother to death. they were saying the -- the cops were saying you could tell immediately there was something off with him. look at him -- look at these shooters, you're like really?
6:40 am
someone sold that guy a gun? jared loughner and who is the last one? aye. the guy in aurora. really? randall in buffalo, you're on "the stephanie miller show." hello, randall. >> caller: hey, this is randall the official relationship and grief counselor of "the stephanie miller show." >> stephanie: keep you on speed dial. >> caller: if you got something new coming on, you know how to -- >> new little something something. >> stephanie: ticktock, ticktock. >> you opened a can of worms with that one. >> stephanie: i'm sure i'll be needing you in a minute or two. >> caller: good to have some preemptive counseling. relationship or grief counseling for that matter. >> steel yourself against what's coming. >> stephanie: i'm all cynicism now anyways. i have no hope left. life has taken the hope from me. >> caller: listen, i work with severely mentally ill people, chronically, schizophrenia severe mental illness. i think this mental illness
6:41 am
angle is important. however, it is a bit of a red herring, i think, because it is very hard to take away someone's rights to purchase a gun if you're concerned about their mental illness. now, it is also very hard to get someone adjudicated in the legal system if they're not breaking any laws. those things are private. it would be like me saying you know stephanie's a little dangerous when she drinks. and flies on an airliner so i'm going to put her on the no-fly list. >> stephanie: these guys can tell you i just get overly affectionate and sleepy. i get very sleepy. >> caller: but you could trip and fall. >> stephanie: that's true. this is why i should not have a gun. >> caller: you could bump heads with someone else on the airplane and cause brain damage. >> stephanie: you know what i would do? i would get sleepy. i want you to have -- this ar-15 of mine and then i would step on it and shoot jim in the kneecap.
6:42 am
>> caller: there would have to be some serious changes and safeguards put into place in order to put somebody on to a mental health database for a background check. i agree it's important. it just isn't really the point per se. it's the availability of guns in general. period. high-capacity clips and things, you know. >> stephanie: randall, as a mental health expert, what's your opinion -- as i was reading this story, i was talking about you know, the other thing is boy, it seems like someone has to already have been violently mentally ill to even get on this list in the first place. >> caller: exactly. >> stephanie: shouldn't there be a better way to -- i understand your privacy concerns but what do you think? >> caller: well, you can't just call the police and say i think this person is dangerous with their gun. the police would be like well, have they broken any laws? nope. there you go. so it's a bit of a red herring in that regard. it's like someone walking into a
6:43 am
bar, they look kind of drunk maybe. they look like they shouldn't drink much more. the bartender has to make a judgment call. most people are going to -- not quite caution. >> stephanie: same thing about stalking, not that i have any experience with this -- [ laughter ] but it's true. it is what they say. until they do something or cross some line, that's what can be scary about this stuff right? >> yeah. i like the idea of having guns that were tuned to your own particular fingerprint. >> they do exist. they're expensive though. >> stephanie: you're talking about fingerprint recognition for the guns. yeah. it seems like -- i wish we lived in a place where mental health experts like you and the wayne lapierrre -- a noncrazy wayne lapierrre was responsible. we could all come to the table and say okay, how about you do this. how about we do this? >> yep. >> stephanie: anyway.
6:44 am
thank you, honey. >> crazy lapierrre, that's like a tall billy barty. >> stephanie: i was listening to a promo for our show here in l.a. >> was it good? >> stephanie: i sound really reasonable. was i sober that day? what was happening but i was saying we'll talk to senator boxer about it because it was her idea about national guard in the schools. because i thought, you know, easy for me, i'm not a parent to say oh that idea -- if i were a parent after sandy hook, i would be nervous. again, arming teaches i think a dumb idea. other stuff, we should look -- because we're not going to solve the gun and mental health problem tomorrow no matter what we do. >> the well-regulated militia. the national guard. >> stephanie: it is a multi-faceted problem that needs multifaceted solutions. >> that sounds reasonable. >> stephanie: i paused there so we could have another promo where i sound sober. okay. >> dually noted. -- duly noted. i'll put a marker down. >> stephanie: debbie in mesa, arizona.
6:45 am
you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi debbie. >> caller: hi, stephanie. i would like to say i'm one of those people you're talking about. i have a serious mental illness. i was diagnosed with skit zoe effective disorder. i would like to say that first of all, i have no desire to own a gun. i have no desire to shoot a gun. i don't need a gun. i've never owned a gun. but i was a prison guard at one time and i had to qualify with a gun during training. and i just feel -- i feel a little like -- the way society is reacting, all of the talk in the media, it is as if we have to be afraid of all mentally ill people. very few mentally ill people are dangerous. >> stephanie: look, i've said this many times. the vast majority of gun owners are not going to do this. the vast majority of mentally ill aren't going to do this however, we have a problem in the united states right now. >> caller: yes, definitely. >> stephanie: as it relates to both of those issues, i think. >> caller: i agree. i just -- i just feel like you
6:46 am
know, people need to realize that the mentally ill were dangerous, there's too many of us. you would all be dead. and we're far more likely -- >> stephanie: duly warned. >> caller: victims of crime than the perpetrator. >> stephanie: it is the toxic combination of you know, people that are violently mentally ill and this easy access to guns and the fact that you know, despite the fact that people like wayne lapierrre say there's background checks in place and all of the laws already on the books. well, they're clearly not being enforced or they're not -- or the background check system doesn't work, right? >> well, this whole wayne lapierrre, i mean he's just basically motivated by profit. he does not care about american society. all he wants is his profits to continue for the gravy train to continue and he does not care. >> stephanie: there's something wrong with a gun lobby more interested in selling guns. it is a business. that's the thing. it is not even a group that's just supposed to promote second
6:47 am
amendment. she's absolutely right. follow the money. all right. 45 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: ex-catholic girls gone wild. her grade school nuns would like to slap her silly. it's "the stephanie miller show." show, to be able to come away armed with the facts, and the arguments to feel confident in their positions. i want them to have the data and i want them to have the passion. but it's also about telling them, you're put on this planet for something more. i want this show to have an impact beyond just informing. an impact that gets people to take action themselves. as a human being, that's really important. this is not just a spectator sport.
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you've heard stephanie's views. >>no bs, authentic, the real thing. >>now, let's hear yours at the only online forum with a direct line to stephanie miller. >>the only thing that can save america now: current television. >>join the debate now. ♪ hit it ♪ ♪ nah nah nah nah nah nah ♪
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♪ nah nah nah nah nah nah ♪ >> stephanie miller. >> stephanie: yeah, yeah. it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 50 minutes after the hour. senator barbara boxer coming up after the top of the hour. very very excited about that. i have so much to talk to her about. tell her the interview is two hours? [ laughter ] >> i want her slider recipe. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: chris and i got to go to her private luncheon at the inauguration. >> it was awesome. >> stephanie: i thought you were going to have a heart attack when i told you there was cheese. there was a table of cheese. >> i missed the table of cheese? oh! >> stephanie: okay. >> i got up so fast, the chair was spinning. >> stephanie: wayne lapierrre, the entirely useless head of the nra and gun
6:53 am
control advocates including the husband of representative gabrielle giffords will testify today at the senate judiciary hearing on gun violence, we'll obviously talk to senator box bertha among other things. senator feinstein said the time has come to change course and make people safe. in a completely unrelated story dick cheney turns 72 today. [ applause ] he shooting his friend in the face if you recall that incident. he's a responsible gun owner i'm told. >> he gave an interview to somebody yesterday or the day before on gun safety. >> stephanie: did he? >> he did. >> stephanie: that goes in the isn't that ironic file. ♪ isn't it ironic ♪ >> stephanie: if you recall, the interesting thing about that is fairly -- seems fairly obvious, allegedly that he was -- what's the word chris? >> drunk. [ applause ] >> stephanie: at the time. did not talk to police until the next day. he made his friend go out and apologize -- for getting his
6:54 am
face in the way of the gun. >> as you do. whittington was the friend's name. i remember that. >> stephanie: hello. kim, you're on the radio. thank god. kim in vermont. >> caller: that's my little girls in the background. >> stephanie: mommy is on the radio! shut up! go ahead kim. >> caller: i'm calling because i'm actually tired of these gun owners saying that they deserve the right to have these high-powered ammunition and guns that can shoot off 30 or more. i'm hearing that's slow for a gun. my school for my children, the reason they're home is because i'm scared. there was a threat made to our school district -- we don't know when. they're not telling us. which i have another issue with. and the schools are actually locked down. and we have officers out-front. and this person, we're being told i did research, i went to the police department as did
6:55 am
supervisors of the school. the judge released him. that's why everyone is on lockdown. >> stephanie: oh, boy. >> caller: we need more gun control and we need some -- i mean they keep screaming hipaa laws but what does it have to do with somebody making threats toward children? >> stephanie: kim, i don't know if you heard any of the sandy hook father's testimony but that's a really safe area, safe school. the happiest place he ever saw. that's the problem. it literally can happen anywhere now in america. it is not like you can predict this kind of stuff. >> oh, no. that's my biggest issue actually is that it can happen anywhere and the reason being is because there's so many of these -- >> that is totes adorbs. >> stephanie: how is that going to be by the end of seven or eight hours today? >> caller: i'm probably going to be checking into therapy. >> stephanie: bam bam and
6:56 am
pebbles are behind her. >> bam bam. >> stephanie: mommy acon the radio. i love that. little preemptive radio. >> mommy needs her medicine! >> stephanie: only thing i would ever say to my kids. >> go get in the car and get mommy more medicine. >> stephanie: mike in salt lake city, you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi mike. >> caller: how are you this morning? >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: i'm mexican-american. my family has been in this country longer than they've been keeping records. and the thing is that i hear this mark rubio -- marco rubio rubio -- i'm mexican he's cuban. my heritage -- that border was changed on us. california was old mexico at one time. montana. but the thing is i'm an american mexican. i'mrdic late and well--- i'm articulate and well-educated.
6:57 am
my entire family has fought in every war. all of the things that we've done in this country, you know, will be -- being mexican i'm apache indian. that runs through my family. >> stephanie: did you hear what the president said yesterday unless you're native-american, you know, you came here from somewhere else. >> the thing is what is a mexican? a mix between indian and the thing is after the spanish left, we kept marrying back into the indian culture. that's why i'm saying that geronimo and people like this -- >> stephanie: i think it would be helpful if we can start the conversation without using words like illegals to refer -- >> caller: we're not illegal. >> stephanie: or amnesty. >> caller: the thing is that i'm an american mexican. they depict me as a man speaking with a broken accent, being uneducated. not being able to express myself. i have to have somebody like a punk like marco rubio talking
6:58 am
for me. >> stephanie: mike i don't think anybody disagrees we have a broken immigration system. i don't think anyone disagrees with legal immigration. if they want to try to make this quote-unquote path to citizenship so egregious -- listen, as john mccain even said yesterday these people have been here doing all of this work for years and years and years. if you want to make it so punitive, that's not going to work either. do you think? >> who was the labor force during the second world war when all of the men of the united states were overseas fighting? they came up here and they have been here ever since. the thing is, too i have an agenda. back in the '70s and '80s for the farm growers trying to help them. the thing is that they're trying to split the vote. they're trying to say this. marco rubio can represent the couple hundred thousand in florida. and the illegal aliens which can vote but there are millions and millions and millions of us here in this country that are latinos
6:59 am
that are american-mexicans that come from guatemala, honduras, all of the other places and mexico that are in this country. nobody's even talking about us. when they say illegal they are disrespecting us. we've been here. we're more legal than they are. >> illegals are europeans. >> stephanie: exactly. here's why i shouldn't have my interwebs open while i'm talking on the phone about an important subject. [ ♪ hypnotic ♪ ] cat with eyebrows. i've never seen that. >> cats have whisker eyebrows. >> stephanie: they look really surprised. oh no. >> send me the link. i'll post it. people are going to want to know. photos of cat with eyebrows goes viral. i'm sorry. very good points about immigration. >> kind of looks like groucho marx. don't frown kitty. what's wrong? senator barbara boxer is next!
7:00 am
b. box rocks. >> stephanie: next on "the stephanie miller show."
7:01 am
>> stephanie: all of you are so competitive. ever since cats who look like hitler and cats who look like brimley, they were able to get -- cats with eyebrows are going viral on twitter and instagram. someone with a cat named sam
7:02 am
jacki -- it is a white cat with black eyebrows. he looks really surprised. he's become the internet rage. it amazes me what amuses you sometimes. i would say i'm still giggling from the last caller who mentioned the lesser known senator from florida mark reuben. the jewish senator from florida often overlooked. marco rubio's jewish brother. mark rubin. >> stephanie: he's going a little westside story there. >> senator mark rubin, is that it? senator marco rubio. >> stephanie: cat person in the current news center, jacki schechner. >> very much so. good morning everybody. boston media sources are reporting this hour that massachusetts governor deval patrick is going to name william mo cowan to be the state's new interim senator replacing senator john kerry who is going to be our next secretary of state. governor patrick will make the announcement in about an hour from now. he served as patrick's chief of staff from january 2011 until
7:03 am
november of last year. when he said he was leaving to go back into the private sector. he hails from north carolina and went to duke university, moved to boston for law school in the '90s and never left. according to the "boston globe," he's considered one of the city's top african-american lawyers and he and governor patrick have formed quite a friendship over the years. the full senate confirmed kerry as secretary of state yesterday with just three senators voting no. that would be texas senator ted cruz, other texas senator james cornyn and james inhofe of oklahoma. he says he likes kerry but has everything never agreed with him on everything and doesn't like he makes climate change a priority. he has submitted ris resignation from the senate and will give his final speech on the floor today. kerry's resignation effective friday. the election to replace him permanently will be june 25th. also, a new report today that shows that 44% of americans don't have enough money or assets to keep them out of poverty for more than three
7:04 am
months if they lose their job and almost a third have no savings at all. the nonprofit that released this report has recommendations in which -- ways in which states can help residents stay out of profit including learning to save more, using tax credits to do that and also giving people more access to public health insurance plans like medicaid. we're back after the break. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
7:05 am
desmond tutu said a quote that is one of my favorite quotes. "we are tied together in a web of humanity. i am a person only through you. i can only be a person only through you." that really resonates me and drives my work. the world is becoming an incredibly connected place. mobile phones are really driving that connection. at kiva, we run an internet marketplace. people can lend to other people for the purpose of starting a small business, going to school or a variety of other good causes. you can go to and you can see pictures and profiles of people from over sixty countries all across the world. you can lend them as little as $25. if they are successful, they will pay you back. dear rixi, you're a honduran immagrant. you're coming to the us, you have an idea to start, you know, a women's cosmetics store or a clothing store. you're going to need a lot of things, ya know, to pay the
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>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: six minutes
7:08 am
after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number. been waiting so long to say this. good morning senator barbara boxer of the great state of california. how are you? senator boxer? >> yes! >> stephanie: there you are! >> i'm right here. >> stephanie: how are you senator? >> i'm doing well. how are you do? ing. >> stephanie: we've missed you so much. >> i'm here. >> stephanie: chris and i got to go to your private luncheon at the inauguration which was so much fun to hang out with you and your family. >> i'm glad you were there. i did that four years ago. i felt that a lot of the californians were freezing and they needed a little bit of a warm place and a little bit of warm food. so we did that again this year. >> stephanie: our favorite part is when a small grandchild launched himself into your arms when you were in mid sentence and you didn't miss a beat. >> that was my chief of staff's son. it wasn't my grandchild. he just -- whoop right up! that's why i said something like i'm glad you still love me since
7:09 am
i always take away your mommy from you. >> stephanie: before we start i got to meet your delightful daughter nicole, who is coming on the show. who did the academy award nominated film. >> yeah, she's an executive producer. >> stephanie: interesting with this whole debate now women in combat. obviously the subject of it is women being assaulted in the military. which you know, you think boy that's a bigger issue than women in combat, right? >> well, you know, in many ways, i think it's kind of tied together. because i think when women are allowed to be truly equal to men and if they qualify can go, you know, all the way up the ranks including combat i think it will help us with that. because as we know, when you look at this violent crime of rape, there's a lot of power involved in it. and so i think the equality of allowing women in combat is going to help it. but let me say aside from that,
7:10 am
men and women are raped in the military. it is shameful. we think it's about 19,000 cases a year. and these are people putting their lives on the line and they are forever scarred. so i am very hopeful that just getting this issue out in the open is going to help us in the future. to make sure it never happens again. one final point on that is in the last defense bill, i had an amendment i've been trying to get them for many years like i don't know five, six years. that says you can't take anyone into the military who's been convicted of sexual assault. we finally got it done. so clearly you know, there's an awareness of this. that's a good thing. >> stephanie: senator boxer obviously we've got a chance to meet -- you're a proud mom and grandmother. it was interesting, we've been talking, obviously wayne lapierrre and others will be
7:11 am
testifying today on gun issues. and you know, i have said that you know you've talked about national guard in the schools. i've said not only because it is your idea and as you know, i revere you but secondly, i'm not a parent. i think if i were after sandy hook, i think there are so many facets of this. i think we need to look at all of it. we need to look at guns and mental health. we're not going to solve both of the problems overnight. so i think it is a multi-faceted problem. it is a multifaceted solution. >> you're absolutely right. what i said was -- what we need to do is if the schools want better security, we should help them here at the federal government. i laid out several ways. the point is you don't put the national guard person at the school but you use that individual to relieve a police officer who is at a desk job to send them out. and it is only if the schools want it. but it seems to me, as you look around here, in congress, excuse me -- we have a lot of security.
7:12 am
and i don't see people saying give it up. because it is just a dangerous world. you know you can't live your life in fear. it is a dangerous world. i just think these modest steps clearly, we need background checks. on everyone who tries to get a gun. make sure they're not mentally ill to. make sure they don't have a criminal past, et cetera. and they're stable. certainly the second amendment prevails. but there has to be some responsibility. you don't yell fire in a crowd. the point is i think -- she's there with the all weapons ban the ban on high-capacity clips. it is very clear that we look at
7:13 am
them. to go out into combat zones get their training many times in the inner city. what is wrong with this picture? >> stephanie: senator boxer one of the things we were talking about today there is a story on how the violently mentally ill can buy guns. we're told wayne lapierrre today is going to say there's no point in background checks. because you know, we're told -- bad guys will get guns anyway. how do we fix the system? virginia tech shooter and others were able to legally bypass laws.
7:14 am
>> everyone agrees the database on the mentally ill is not -- we've got to make sure that at that database is working. make sure the current law is truly enforced. you could say that. that can do nothing. they're very extreme. but the point i want to make here is after 9-11, we put security in at our airports. it is 9-11. it is not perfect at all. and lord knows yes, but it is a layer of defense. you know. when you go to -- they check you. you get in there they check your bag. they check your ticket. you know. you know what it is. but the fact is knock on wood 100 times, it is working so far.
7:15 am
it is not perfect. you could never have anything safer or better. all of life is a balancing act. you don't want to go overboard but you want to do the things that make sense. >> stephanie: right. i was going to say you might as well go home with your grandkids. there's no point of you doing anything. >> well, let me think that one over. for five minutes. >> stephanie: senator boxer you probably saw today the president's favorability rating the best at 60%. huge approval for the inaugural address. a lot of critics labeled as unbelievably liberal. isn't the point the american people agree with him on most all of these issues including immigration reform. which he spoke so eloquently about yesterday. do you think this time there is really going to be a will to get something done on comprehensive immigration reform? >> i do believe there is a will to get something done. i don't know everybody's motives but frankly i don't care. what i do know is we've got young people here who came here
7:16 am
when they were a year or two or 3 or 4 living in the shadows. there are many wonderful people. we call them the dreamers. we gotta take care of them. the president gave them a reprieve. but that's got to be settled. we've got people working in california and other states and the agriculture industry who were working their fingers to the bone who live in the shadows. get exploited. that's wrong. so you know, i was here when ronald reagan said we needed to do something about this and we did. it has been that long, since the '80s, since we've addressed this issue. i think the president is definitely reflecting the american people. and i would say all this business of its's liberal it's conservative, i don't know what's liberal or conservative anymore. it is whether you have a heart and a pulse or not. >> stephanie: that's right. and a difference i see in our side too is marco rubio your colleague went on rush limbaugh to run past his views.
7:17 am
whereas you come on my show but you don't care what i think which is exactly right. but they take their marching orders as the president said from rush limbaugh and fox news. that will be an impediment to getting anything done. >> rupert murdoch now says he's for a comprehensive immigration bill so maybe he's told his friends at fox to stand down on this. we'll see. but it's really -- it is sad that people, you know, make every single thing is about -- is it good for barack obama? i have to say when john boehner the speaker said well, i hope the president doesn't push this bill to the left and make it impossible. i mean why doesn't he just say isn't it great we're on the same page. we have an issue. it is challenging. it is going to be tough but let's all work together. oh no. the president should just be quiet. that's his message. well, i know the president will not be quiet. the president is going to hold our feet to the fire.
7:18 am
we'll get this done. >> stephanie: i agree with you. i don't care why they do it. they tend to blurt things out like we need to get the latino vote back. that's the point -- something you're not supposed to say. >> i couldn't believe it. i had to shake my head when john mccain said on national news, you know, it's the latino vote. as if the latinos aren't listening to this. >> stephanie: they have some sort of different hearing that they didn't hear that. >> yeah. >> stephanie: as a gay person, i have to say, i was thrilled like many people were, that the first president to say gay in an inaugural address. you said at the lunch -- at your luncheon right after the inauguration, you said as obviously someone on the -- leading the environment and public works committee that you know, wow. we might really get something done. what is your hope about that particular issue? >> well, here's the situation. it is so -- it tends to get overly complicated but let me
7:19 am
make it as simple as i can. the problem and the reason we see climate change is too much carbon pollution in the air. you have to get the carbon down because when your carbon pollution is in the air, it forces the temperatures up. the temperatures go up. the oceans are going to be too high. there will be flooding. we know what the future holds. it is awful. truly, for the planet. so here's the good news. the good news is that about -- more than 75% of the sectors that cause the problem that is the industrial sector, the transportation sector and the electrical sector, okay. that is already covered under the clean air act. so with that one change in the law, if obama picks a good person over the e.p.a. and just carries out the clean air act we can really make enormous progress. >> stephanie: we had lunch in the room that the clean air act was written in.
7:20 am
you told us that fun fact. >> we sure did. the major -- all of the major landmark laws, which the american people cherish, which, by the way boehner's house tried to essentially repeal and really defanning, they sent over this horrible legislation. we stopped it all in the united states senate. but yeah, so the good news is that strong e.p.a. can really make progress. now, a lot of the special interests, the big oil the big coal, they'll scream and yell. and sue. but the fact is it's clear that the clean air act covers carbon pollution. now, the rest of it are smaller pieces like agriculture and about 7% of the emissions. and about 11% come from buildings. and i'm going to try to go after that 11%. in a good way. by essentially putting out sort of a revolving fund, people are older homes big landlords with
7:21 am
older buildings can borrow, interest-free, to make these homes energy efficient. that's going to save a lot of pollution. it is going to stop a lot of pollution. i think we can actually do something here. now, we have a lot of tremendous amount of opposition. >> stephanie: yeah. and it is so surprising from the house republicans. senator, i could talk to you all morning. you have to tell me quickly about the line act before you go. there may be nothing else more important than the long lines that voters faced in november. just tell us about the line act. >> absolutely. well, what's happened in this last election is we saw horrible waits all over the country in virginia some areas four plus hours to vote. in florida, seven hours in some areas. as a matter of fact, some voters didn't vote until 1:30 a.m. on wednesday. 200,000 voters in florida actually gave up. and that was a study done by ohio state.
7:22 am
so if it had been a close race, you know it could have made the difference. so what i did is with a really good staff i have here, really looked -- i said look, i don't want to do something that's very complicated. all we basically said is we're going to set minimum national standards for the number of voting machines and poll workers so that we assure that no voter waits more than an hour and in states that had these problems, the governors of those states will work with the department of justice and put forward remedial plans so that this doesn't happen again in the national election. pretty straightforward. but you know clearly the right to vote is not a right if you have to stand on line for hours and you're sick and you can't or you have a baby or a job. >> stephanie: and you're forced to choose between democracy and your family or whatever as you say. senator, i'm looking at a tear-stained sheet of paper where i was going to talk to you about the republican attacks on women's health. chuck hagel nomination, senator clin -- secretary clinton benghazi but i'm out of time
7:23 am
now. >> i know. we'll do this again. absolutely. i enjoyed it very much. >> stephanie: you have to come back. >> absolutely. >> stephanie: talk to you about so many issues. such a thrill to spend time with you on inauguration day. >> i'm so glad. >> stephanie: thanks for stopping in. >> i was running back and forth between you and the president. you should feel very honored. >> stephanie: i do. senator, always a pleasure. talk to you soon. thanks so much. >> bye-bye. [ applause ] >> i can't talk now. stephanie's on the line. i'm sure she had that conversation. >> stephanie: p.o.t.u.s., i have to go. tearstains. i had so much to talk to her about. kids i went way long with that but i still have time to tell you about carbonite because i'm going to save the interview with carbonite. >> because if i lose that interview -- >> you're fired! >> stephanie: i have that sound byte in there ready to go. we all have valuable things in our computers we're adding new files all the time. who has time to remember to back stuff up?
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these talking points, that the right have, about the "heavy hand of government" ... i want to have that conversation. really? you know i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
7:29 am
>> stephanie miller. ♪ back again ♪ ♪ let me hear some noise ♪ >> stephanie miller ♪ a party over here, wave your hands in the air shake your derriere ♪ >> there it is! >> stephanie: barbara boxer completes me. i had so much more to talk to her about. >> we'll have her on again. >> stephanie: i mentioned to her a new "washington post" abc news poll shows the president with six in ten voters, nearly 60% -- >> very close to that. >> stephanie: saying they have a favorable impression of the president. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] oh 37% unfavorable. obama appears to be harnessing a
7:30 am
well-received inaugural address. 24% disapproving. so there. >> despite the far right saying it was a liberal speech. >> stephanie: like it. american people like it. [ ♪ nah nah nah nah nah ♪ ] >> stephanie: all of the "l" words are cool now. matthew in new york real quick. welcome. >> caller: good morning! >> stephanie: good morning. go ahead. >> caller: jim ward rules. i just had to say that. okay. i got a serious question. for weeks now i've heard that you know, responsible gun owners, you know, they approve of these measures. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: you know, for responsible -- >> stephanie: the president's proposals, right. >> caller: yeah. or joe biden's whatever. but anyway, i would like to know -- my question is how many gun owners, or these responsible gun owners have dropped out of the nra. >> stephanie: exactly. his last press conference, i
7:31 am
would have ripped up my card if i were you. 29 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
7:32 am
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7:35 am
>> announcer: stephanie miller. >> you've only known her for 30 minutes. >> i know. sometimes you find out a guy owns a winery and you just know! >> stephanie: howdy. it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. the president obviously yesterday talking about immigration reform. >> obama: now is the time to find a better way to welcome the
7:36 am
striving hopeful immigrants who still see america as the land of opportunity. >> stephanie: one of our dearest union friends united food and commercial worker's union, i've had the honor of speaking to them many times joe hansen joins us now. >> good morning, stephanie. >> stephanie: good to talk to you again. i loved a lot of what the president had to say yesterday. talk to us about union's role in all of this. >> well, union's role, it goes back a long time. we've always been active in the issue. there was a real switch in 2000 in the afl-cio and they changed completely the way they -- we talked about immigrants and realized that immigrants have a place in our society. and that we ought to help them get a decent place in that society. so it has been -- the number of efforts along the way, there was an immigrant freedom ride that we did and in my union the
7:37 am
ufcw, we've had immigrants in meat packing and poultry plants and retail establishments for years. it has been a long struggle to get this. i think the election was a turning point and yesterday when i was listening to the president and i was there what i think struck me the most is that he is willing and will lead on this issue. he is very firm on it. i think that it is a real chance to get a decent, comprehensive immigration reform bill through congress. i think it could happen the next couple months. >> stephanie: that's what he said. the question is simple. do we have the resolve as a people, as a country, as a government to put this issue behind us. i believe that we do. i was just talking to senator boxer. she was even flabbergasted that john mccain said out loud, essentially, we need the latino vote back. the bottom line is it doesn't matter why they're going to do something or why we could get something done at this point i suppose, does it? >> no. it is sort of frustrating.
7:38 am
it had to take an election -- the republicans as frustrated as i get with them, they're not all stupid. they figured out what happened in the election. they figured out what's going to happen in 2014 and 2016. i don't know if that's going to make a whole lot of difference with the latino community. they're bright people also. we will see. but put that aside, it is really good for the country. you can't have 11 million people, most of them, 95% 99% of them are hard-working people, contributing to our society raising their kids here, want to be a part of our society. we can't just pretend they're not there. >> stephanie: you've heard john boehner saying he hopes the president is careful not to drag the debate to the left and disrupt the difficult work ahead in the house and the senate. we were reading the president's approval rating at 60%. huge approval for his inaugural address. bottom line is the american people agree with the president on this issue among others right? >> absolutely.
7:39 am
i think on this issue, it is probably higher than 60% when you dig down into it. i have no idea what boehner thinks, how this could be dragged to the left. this is a human rights issue. this is good for the country. it is not a right or left issue. >> stephanie: interesting joe, you also heard when the republicans try to divide, they try to divide -- they would think -- they try to cast labor as someone who would be against this. they're taking our jobs, that whole argument, right? >> you're not going to find any labor leaders saying anything like that because we don't believe it. we have immigrants paying union dues, documented and undocumented. they're good hard workers. this is the right way to approach this issue to get a path to citizenship. and let those people be treated like i am and you are. >> stephanie: joe, one of the cracks that emerge after the president spoke yesterday is marco rubio, the senator from florida among others said you know faulted obama for not making pathway contingent on tighter border security.
7:40 am
is this one of the things we're going to face where the republicans are never going to say border security is tight enough in order to enact ther other things that need to be enacted? >> well, that i think is -- the very issue. if you put a 20-foot wall up from miami all the way to san diego, and put it out in the ocean, if somebody found a 21 foot ladder that, wouldn't be good enough for them. that's a phony issue. our border security is better than it has ever been. >> stephanie: by the way as you recall the only way to get an applause line in the republican primary was to electrify the fence as herman cain -- so you're right. there's nothing secure enough, right? >> i wonder which republican would be stupid enough to go up and see if it was on. >> stephanie: exactly! >> probably a bunch of them. >> stephanie: joe, what do you make -- the president warned the debate will be difficult but vowed to send his own legislation to capitol hill if lawmakers don't act quickly. what do you make of that?
7:41 am
>> i think what the republicans are trying to -- is what happened the last four years where mcconnell said we're not going to pass anything. we're going to beat the president in 2012. they didn't do that. and i think it was a warning shot. from the president. i think if you're going to do that, i'm going to go right to the people on this. i think the president -- i think he feels he's got the 60%, maybe even more. and i think he's going to use it. i think you're looking at a different president barack obama than you looked at four years ago. when he thought he could -- reason with someone on the far right. if he couldn't, now he's going to leave. >> stephanie: well, you know, joe, it seems to me the right runs the same play every time. we talk about in wisconsin, they try to separate public sector and private sector employees when they try to -- when they call union people "you people" as if you're not americans. i think that -- i know one of the stumbling blocks with this
7:42 am
is going to be not just have a structure -- a path to citizenship but whether same-sex couples are included, right. john mccain already called that issue a red flag. because you know, it is just -- there's always -- it is not for everybody, right on their side? >> yeah. that makes me crazy. whether you're gay whether you're straight, whatever label you want to put on yourself we're all people. we're all human beings. we all deserve a place in this society. this division of society you know i guess i'm old enough to remember the civil rights movement and the women's movement and all of that. we're all people. mccain, he's smarter than that. i think that's a delaying tactic and i think that the american public are going to blow right by him. he ought to talk to young people. they don't get it. >> stephanie: i'm still waiting for him to apologize for his fearmongering on what would happen if don't ask, don't tell
7:43 am
were overturned. joe, i'm hopeful this time, as are you and as long as there's people in the trenches fighting the good fight always great to talk to you and your folks. i love the united food and commercial worker's union that you lead and always great to talk to you. we'll talk again soon.% >> all right stephanie. thank you so much. >> stephanie: thank you so much joe. [ applause ] >> he's awesome. >> stephanie: salt of the earth. love him. ♪ to the hard working people ♪ >> stephanie: i try to trigger a little mick. >> keith. >> stephanie: len in north carolina. >> bless your heart. >> stephanie: i got the wrong stone. hi len. go ahead. >> caller: better than yesterday. i just have one thing i would like to say. first of all if wayne lapierrre was any smarter, he would be a hammer and if those gun nuts that follow him around died raise their i.q., they would be rocks. they're always talking about the second amendment but they never
7:44 am
talk about the third amendment. >> stephanie: which is -- >> caller: the third amendment states no soldier shall in time of peace be in any house without consent of the owner nor in time of war in any manner to be -- but in a manner prescribed by law. it basically comes from the intolerable action in the 1760s where the colonists were being required to pay to house the redcoats. >> stephanie: right. you know what's interesting, len is i just put a pocket constitution in my purse that the aclu sent me. i could have gotten that. thank you for that. i actually do. make the lunge. let me read the third amendment. >> the point is some of the amendments are a little antiquated. >> stephanie: a skoshy bit. >> i've never had to house any
7:45 am
redcoats in my house. >> stephanie: i've never been asked. i have a question, yesterday i was recovering from my -- you know, bout with the food poisoning. [farting] and so i was -- i was watching -- i got screeners. has anyone seen silver linings playbook? >> i've heard it is really good. >> stephanie: sort of. bradley cooper was good of in it but maybe because i was sick, i found it irritating. you guys haven't seen it? >> let's not talk about it because i would like to see it. >> stephanie: i'll blow it for you. >> you kind of will. >> stephanie: just like in titanic, the ship sinks. >> stephanie: have you ever been irritated by a movie because you don't understand it? i found it -- i found parts of it implausible. i thought he was really good. it was a little irritating in the first part and then there were other parts that were unbelievable. that's all. okay. i can't ask anybody because i can't tell you?
7:46 am
>> i'm a huge fan of that director. russell. i love all of his movies. >> stephanie: can i just say the one thing about the -- the psychiatrist becoming friends with him later. that doesn't happen! [ buzzer ] >> spoiler alert. >> thanks! >> stephanie: that's not a big plot line. okay. i have questions. see, now i'm going to have to ask jim during the break. fine. because you haven't seen it. you haven't seen anything. >> i have seen things. >> may have fallen asleep before the end of the movie. i'm pretty sure i did. >> stephanie: well then you won't have any idea what i'm going to ask you. 45 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: fresh republican outrage. you keep listening she'll make more. it's "the stephanie miller show."
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>> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ >> stephanie: see what you did there. >> i can't understand what they're saying. >> stephanie: in honor of joe hansen. salt of the earth. the hard working people. here's to the union folks. >> i can't understand what they're saying in this. >> stephanie: the hard working people. >> in 1968. >> it is not one of their hits like -- >> stephanie: the salt of the earth. i like it. >> i know you do. that's why you made me put it together. ♪ say a prayer for the common soldier ♪ [ applause ] >> stephanie: see? >> it is not jumpin' jack flash.
7:52 am
>> stephanie: it is a song about the hard working people. the president on immigration reform. >> i got that part thanks. >> obama: this moment, it looks like there is a genuine desire to get this done soon. and that's very encouraging. but this time, action must follow. we can't allow immigration reform to get bogged down in an endless debate. we've been debating this a very long time. >> stephanie: i was saying to senator boxer earlier the key difference is senator rubio calls rush to run stuff by him. senator boxer just calls to tell me what's up. she doesn't call to ask what i think. which is as it should be. what do you think about this? >> how should we govern, rush? [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: senator rubio made the case for immigration reform to rush limbaugh. can you even imagine senator boxer going i'm thinking about this legislation stephanie what do you think? >> let's ask weird al yankovic.
7:53 am
>> stephanie: the willingness to blow up talks if he thinks the bill is moving too far to the left. as joe hansen just said, our union president this isn't a left or right. this is a human issue. >> left wingers would say that. >> stephanie: this is what gay rights has become. it is a human issue. it is not left or right anymore. i love joe hansen. he's like talk to a young person! limbaugh who said on monday it is up to me and fox news to kill immigration reform and then he denied he said it. >> we have that coming up on right-wing world. >> stephanie: we have it on tape. >> i never said that. >> stephanie: i'm always accused of saying things -- >> it turns out i did and i look like an idiot. did i say that out loud? >> would you like a preview? >> stephanie: i can't watch the clips with the cigar smoke. be talk about back room deals. rubio running the legislation by him. all right. go ahead. >> obama's already given us
7:54 am
de facto amnesty anyway. he did it with the children of illegal immigrants via the executive order back last year, prior to the election. thanks to obama, now you have amnesty unless you get convicted of a major felony. i don't know that there's any stopping this. it is up to me and fox news and fox news is not that invested in this. >> stephanie: then he denied the next day that he said that. >> we just played it. >> i never said that. it wasn't me. >> stephanie: he said to senator rubio, he feared he was being exploited to advance democratic goals. you latinos are such dummies. what have i said? yeah. rubio said i'm not going to be part of a bidding war to see who can put the most lenient path forward if obama demands a smoother path to citizenship. let's make it as hard and as egregious as possible.
7:55 am
wouldn't that work better? he questioned the political utility of a deal. not the part that involves human beings or anything. saying he reviews colorful research my friends indicating immigrants no longer came to better their lot through hard work but because they believed the government's source of prosperity. in short, they were not viable republicans. they were just moochers like the rest of us 47%. in addition to his fear that immigrants lack a basic sense of industry and responsibility, rush worried republicans will be falsely intact as intolerant because of the thing he said before that part. why would they be -- that's weird. that's crazy. [ cuckoo clock chimes ] >> stephanie: because he said he thinks you're too lazy and not hard working enough to be republicans. >> what did i say? >> stephanie: brown people are so sensitive. >> they lack some kind of chip. >> stephanie: sensitivity chip. >> something. >> stephanie: as jennifer aniston would say.
7:56 am
things like that stick in my head. woody in ithaca, you're on "the stephanie miller show." hello, woody. >> caller: hey, mama, how are you? >> stephanie: good, baby. how are you? >> caller: last night, i was watching al jazeera -- marco rubio, he's from cuba. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: some of the things that i heard marco rubio talk about, refusing the dream -- >> stephanie: his parents fled castro before castro was in power. >> caller: from peru and mexico, marco rubio's family didn't go through it. the american government has a policy that -- everything in terms of immigration -- people from cuba, they don't suffer as the other people suffer here. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: people from cuba just
7:57 am
have to come on the boat, on the ship and the government will take care of the immigration policy. so marco rubio shouldn't be there. in defense of it. >> stephanie: this is what republicans do. they put forth a brown face and say look look, we have one! [ ♪ hypnotic ♪ ] and then that's supposed to -- right. like hispanics are easily duped. senator boxer said that was hilarious. do they not think they're listening, too? to what john mccain says? did they not think latinos can hear? we heard that! >> hispanics watch cnn too. they watch wolf blitzer. [ speaking spanish ] >> i even think they probably carried that on univision. >> stephanie: stephanie in illinois -- >> that's french, i know. >> stephanie: hi, steph. >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: steph don't be too distracted about watching the cats. i was watching my dog chase his tail for about an hour. saying how easily entertained he is. i realized i was watching my dog
7:58 am
chase his tail for an hour. i was listening to fox because you weren't here and i was just punishing myself. and marco rubio made one of these comments, i can't remember what but the three things they brought out about gun control was one that slavery would not have taken place if blacks were allowed to own guns when the country began and the other part about martin luther king would have been on the side of the nra because no civil rights would have been better if blacks were loaded up with weapons. and that the holocaust would not have taken place if jews hid stockpiles of guns and stuff. i was thinking you know france and england tried to stop germany and it took the whole world five years to stop this guy. >> with tanks and airplanes. >> germans had tanks and marines. >> stephanie: good luck with your rifle against a german tank. >> canons. >> stephanie: thank you, steph. good points. >> rdillery. >> and martin luther king was --
7:59 am
>> germans had planes, too. >> stephanie: right. thank you. >> they didn't have planes in poland. >> stephanie: jill in ithaca? >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: i thought you were on your way to a pollock joke. don't go there. i'm a -- >> i know you are. hello, jill. >> caller: i'm glad -- >> stephanie: jill hung up on herself. i don't know why she felt the need to do that. albert in miami. >> caller: oh, yes i got a little bit of confusion over there. how are you doing today? >> stephanie: good. go ahead. i'm -- >> caller: i'm happy to see you guys on current tv. >> stephanie: now you only have 20 seconds left. >> caller: maybe we could change it to the assault rifle debate because these assault rifles are not guns at all. these assault rifles are --
8:00 am
>> stephanie: military weapons. i'll finish it for you. 58 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show."
8:01 am
[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: what? i'm here. >> really? >> stephanie: hour number three. >> barely. >> stephanie: hey, jacki schechner. >> darn you and your eyebrow cat. what? >> stephanie: i was distracted by the cat with the eye brogs. >> now my mother has taken it from your facebook page and posted it on her facebook page
8:02 am
who puts it on my -- >> stephanie: that's how it goes. speaking of mothers i said do you see this horrible headline, "l.a. times," mother beats daughter's 12-year-old rival up. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] i thought why didn't my mother do that for me with carol fischer? >> i was too busy sending you letters trying to figure out who you were showering with and for how long? >> stephanie: that was a college letter, jacki schechner. >> what? >> hello? >> i haven't heard this one. >> stephanie: i read my mom's letter to me in college. my mom sent me a letter in college. she was like in the c.i.a. she had all of the questions including how many people shower together in the dorm room. >> she was already concerned about you. >> stephanie: a little foreshadowing. >> here's jacki schechner who i've never showered with, as far as i know, in the current news center. >> good morning, everybody. the first senate judiciary committee hearing on possible gun control measures is now underway. former congresswoman gabby giffords opened the session by giving a statement. her husband mark kelly by her
8:03 am
side. giffords says violence is a big problem. too many children are dying and while speaking is difficult forever her, she just has to tell congress, do something. >> it will be hard. but the time is now! you must act. be bold, be courageous americans are counting on you. thank you. >> she is so inspirational. kelly testified as well saying he and his wife both are gun owners and believe wholly and completely in the second amendment but that does not extend a terrorist to criminals and the mentally ill. just as giffords and kelly are speaking out, "the chicago tribune" reporting this morning that a high school sophomore who participated in the president's inaugural events just last week has been shot and killed.
8:04 am
the 15-year-old was at a park after school on the south side of chicago yesterday when someone jumped a fence and opened fire on a group of teenagers who were gathered together under a canopy to avoid the rain. "the tribune" reports the park is known for gang activity and so far, no one who was on the scene is cooperating with police. we're back with more show after the break. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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[ ♪ theme ♪ ]
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>> stephanie: it is the "the stephanie miller show." six minutes after okay. this hour brought to you by go to meeting with hd faces powerful, simple way to collaborate with your team online. you can present from your ipad. try it free for 30 days. click on the try it free button and type in stephanie. you know what i say? ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ wow ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm gonna feel good ♪ >> can i see? >> say hi, stephanie miller. >> hi, stephanie miller. >> stephanie: miranda is her name. [ applause ] okay. cute as bug's teeth. totes adorbs. >> stephanie: i was just doing this -- i told jacki schechner this horrible headline, did you see it jim in the l.a. times? mother beats up daughter's 12-year-old rival.
8:09 am
why didn't my mom do that for me with carol fischer? >> aren't you friends with carol fisher now? >> stephanie: no! i haven't talked to her since i was in the sixth grade. she beat me up and push meed into the bushes at the y. not that i haven't gotten over it. >> i thought she was one of the ones -- do you talk to gomez? probably not. >> visine him since fifth grade -- i haven't seen him since fifth grade. he called you "fat." didn't mean to poke with you the husky boy stick. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: what is the source of all evil? >> facebook. >> stephanie: indiana girl, 16 allegedly drives 60 miles to beat up another girl over facebook insults. >> wow? really? it's worth that? >> stephanie: i'm not on facebook. >> was she texting or coming to get you all the way? >> wrong way on the highway. >> stephanie: you were saying -- jacki was remembering my mom the letter me wrote me
8:10 am
when i was in college. >> asking about people you were showering in. >> stephanie: she had about 64 questions in a row. she was like j. edgar hoover. she was very -- very specific. that was -- maybe it was foreshadowing. she said how many girls do you shower with? [ buzzer ] >> i think she knew. >> stephanie: it was a dorm question. how many girls are in your dorm? >> she only wanted to ask that one question. >> she devised the whole ruse around that. >> stephanie: she had no clue. i didn't have any clue. i was dating a football player at usc. i had no clue. see how things have changed. it is a love story on how things have changed. i didn't know it was a smoke screen. >> oh, come on. >> stephanie: he was the one who went left, remember? it was like a designing rod for my political leanings. i voted for reagan.
8:11 am
but obviously it bent left. listen, ladies and gentlemen my point is how things have changed. did you see this story? >> it went around facebook a few days ago. >> stephanie: i was sick! >> and you're not on facebook. >> stephanie: i can be late. >> you miss so much. >> stephanie: i saw the kitty with the eyebrows. sam has eyebrows. he looks so surprised. >> you miss so much not being on facebook. >> stephanie: i don't know what a meme is. >> you don't know about condescending wonka. >> stephanie: can we break early? girl comes out to parents with help from a cake. it is adorable. very funny. very funny. but i'm just saying how much more it's not a big deal. i can't even imagine doing this to my parents. they were like what! it would have been like hard-of-hearing darth vader.
8:12 am
what? >> stephanie: she made a big cat. she wrote i'm gay on it. there was a note accompanying it. good morning parents i'm gay. i wanted to tell you for a long time. i thought doing it this way would be a piece of cake. i hope you still love me. it's hard not to love someone who baked you a cake. all of my friends know and still love me. your acceptance would be the icing on the cake. i hope much like this cake, you're not in tears. she wrote tiers like t-i-e-r-s. maybe no future as a comedy writer. >> she's very clever. >> stephanie: i hope we can look back on this and say this one takes the cake. it gets better. love, laurel. sorry for so many puns. the coming out cake did the job. laurel posted an update saying my mom saw it and cried out of happiness when they all ate the cake and talked. i'm lucky to have such
8:13 am
supporting parents. thanks everyone. have a gay day. my dad came in and hugged me. he said he loved me and the cake and the letter and everything was perfect. [ applause ] >> stephanie: if only there were a cat with eyebrows in that story, it would be perfect. >> or a condescending wonka. >> stephanie: what is that? i missed another meme. >> a picture of gene wilder as willy wofng ca and he's saying something really condescending. very funny. >> stephanie: we're a nation with people with entirely too much free time. >> your boyfriend jeff just sent me one this morning. >> stephanie: my boy toy jeff. >> hold on. >> stephanie: i'll take this call in the meantime. tara in california. hi tara. >> caller: hi, it's tara. no worries. first of all i love the condescending wonka. somebody's gotta send her grumpy cat. >> stephanie: so wait. here's this one. oh, dick cheney spoke out about gun control. remind me which vice president
8:14 am
shot someone in the face. >> caller: the reason i'm calling is we've been talking and talking about all of this bullying that goes on in our country and how it is just such a horrible problem but nobody seems to make the correlation that systemic, right now in our country is a whole political party whose entire premise and method of moving forward is suppression, oppression and bullying people for their way. >> stephanie: yes. tara, look at -- i was just talking about the immigration reform. one of the sticking points is that they want to treat same-sex couples differently. in the immigration bill. and that's obviously something that i think that ship has sailed in this country. you know? >> you're absolutely correct. it has. but i also think that you know, we can't continue to say we the people unless we the people get off our butts and get to the polls so we can fly things
8:15 am
across facebook as much as we want to but until we get feet on the ground and start taking an active role in getting people out of there we can't go back to sleep. >> stephanie: i agree with you. kim in st. paul is an an immigration lawyer. hello, kim. hi kim. hi. >> caller: couple of points on the immigration reform. first of all -- i'm the official immigration lawyer of "the stephanie miller show" by the way. on the gay marriage part of it, it would be basically the entire immigration reform is about legalizing what's going on anyway. so if we actually got -- you know, gaye -- gay marriage, it would be a great relief as an immigration lawyer because no longer would i have same-sex couples come to me as with someone offering to have be there -- having to send them away saying now that i know this, i can't legitimately represent you. you know. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: the second area that i worry about talking about republicans and bullying, one of
8:16 am
the things that cause immigration reform to go down last time was the republicans just kind of went nuts with fines and fees and ways to punish people and so wake up, jim ward. this will be relevant to you. >> stephanie: wake up! >> caller: they're talking about $10,000 fines and if people have to come up with that money where are they going to find it? >> stephanie: if you make it so punitive -- you're going defeat the purpose. people aren't going to come out of the shadows right? >> caller: right. i think there needs to be like criminal penalties for usery or for people who manipulate that. or ideally, they wouldn't go nuts again. i think we have room for further -- i think it is something we have to watch for. >> stephanie: i agree. thank you, kim. i was thinking about how things have gotten better. [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] if i had tried to come out to my parents with cake -- because i did the easy bake. >> never bake on a light bulb.
8:17 am
>> stephanie: it would have been a sad little cake. it would have said like i'm hay. >> someone left the cake out in the rain. [ scooby-doo's "huh?" ] >> stephanie: i would have lost courage. [ wah wah ] >> it gets batter. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: every story of my childhood ends with a light bulb going out. over my shrimp farm, all the shrimp died the night before. the light bulb went out in my easy bake oven. >> how did you try to convince the judges? >> stephanie: i stirred them up to make it look like they were swimming which is cheating. >> you didn't win, did you? >> stephanie: no. they were hip to that. michelle in ohio. they were all doing the backstroke. hey, michelle. >> caller: hi. good morning. >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: i want to backpedal a little bit and talk about the national -- putting the national
8:18 am
guard in charge of protecting our nation's schools. like i don't know. does anybody remember penn state? these not quite you know, trained military personnel watching over our children. that idea, honestly frightens me. i mean can you imagine? >> stephanie: the only thing -- i like giving the schools a choice and i also think -- i think it is hannity i keep hearing talking about retired military. i have to say we have too big a problem with ptsd to feel like that necessarily is a good idea, right? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. ptsd is a really big problem with ex-military. both those who served in wartime and peacetime even. from you know, just from the training that they receive.
8:19 am
can you imagine like a 9-year-old little boy seeing the guy from a national guard with a big gun and he walks past him. boom boom, boom. making a gun with his finger. would they see that as a threat? >> stephanie: that's what i mean. would there be overreactions? it is a complicated issue as we've said. there has to be -- i'm sure a multifaceted solution. 17 minutes after the hour. kids, go to meeting, it is how we run this ramshackle operation. because i don't leave my house. you guys are planning something friday. i'm going to leave my house. >> i can't believe you're thinking about going to this happy hour that we're planning. >> stephanie: it is a thing. i live on go to meeting because a lot of -- people work for your company all over the country. i'm sure, winter weather if you're back east, people call in sick. flights get canceled. go to meeting by citrix solves all of that. the fast and simple way to meet with clients and coworkers online. no matter what the weather is
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at age twenty-five she married a football star. at 32 she may have divorced her murderer. of all the hours in all her days, these are the ones you'll never forget.
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>> stephanie: 23 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12. jim ward has a voice-over. hal sparks is sick today. it is you and me against the world. mama, how dare you not know how data is. many of us wouldn't be able to listen to you you stupid ditz. okay mike, sorry about that. touchy today. >> hold on to your unlimited data. >> stephanie: i don't even need it. >> i know. geez. you have it and don't need it. i would like it. >> stephanie: you can't have it. that's the way life goes.
8:26 am
madeline in nevada. >> caller: hi. i've got a suggestion on the gun control although i shouldn't say it that way. they can do an end run on those people so they won't wet their pants. they can suggest that they outlaw body armor since everybody that's gone crazy has had body armor. cop killer guns, cop killer bullets, i'm sorry the armor. >> madeline, that's another good point. what do you need body armor for? >> caller: make it illegal unless you're a cop or in the military. >> stephanie: deer don't tend to shoot back. >> no, they don't. i'm a hunter. they sit there and look at you with their big sad eyes and go oh poof. >> that's so sad. >> stephanie: the president talking about immigration reform yesterday. >> obama: we have to deal with the 11 million individuals who are here illegally. we all agree that these men and
8:27 am
women should have to earn their way to citizenship. but for comprehensive immigration reform to work, it must be clear from the outset that there is a pathway to citizenship. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: um, republican representative said he oppose immigration reform because latinos uneducated and will never support republicans. speaking of things republicans keep saying outloud that they're really not supposed to, oops! >> they have a habit of doing that. >> stephanie: representative lou barletta suggested hispanics will never vote for republicans who don't provide them with government handouts. it is the mean that worked so well for mitt romney. it is amnesty america can't afford. we have to stop people from coming in illegally. this will be a green light for anyone who wants to be granted citizen. i hope politics isn't the root. anyone who believes they're going to win over the latino vote is grossly mistaken. the majority that are here are low skilled or may not have a
8:28 am
high school diploma. rush limbaugh santa claus. all right. they will become democrats because of the social programs they depend upon. spectacular. nicely done, sir! >> well played! >> stephanie: how is that winning the latino vote going for you? >> stephanie: the president yesterday. >> obama: a process that includes passing a background check, paying taxes paying a penalty, learning english and then going to the back of the line behind all of the folks who are trying to come here legally. that's only fair. >> that sounds reasonable. >> stephanie: certainly does. let's go to larry in minneapolis. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi, larry. hi larry. >> caller: hello. hey. >> stephanie: hi. go ahead. >> caller: i'm a soldier with ptsd and you brought this up several times that we may be violent or whatever. i would say most of us are reclusive and we don't like violence because that's what caused our situation.
8:29 am
>> stephanie: right. oh no, no, i didn't mean to paint that. i just meant that people that rush to only one solution to this gun violence, i just think it is a complicated issue and i was just saying you know, there are obviously a lot -- and that partially is because i think we're not caring for our soldiers who come back, well enough. >> caller: i'll agree with that 100%. >> stephanie: when you have a rate of suicide that is higher than combat deaths there is something wrong, right? >> caller: might have to do with the fact that bush defunded the v.a. every year he was in office then he caused more wounded soldiers. >> stephanie: it is the republicans who are stripping funding for mental health and then saying the only problem with this is mental health, not guns. >> caller: exactly. here is our vortex, join it. >> stephanie: joe arpaio -- didn't he say i have volunteers with regard to school. some of them have criminal backgrounds. >> caller: exactly. i'm kind of with jim on the whole if you want an assault
8:30 am
weapon, you're crazy to begin with. >> stephanie: much shorter background checks. little skit jim and i do. do you want one? then you must be crazy. [ applause ] >> that works. >> that would weed out a lot of people. >> stephanie: president on immigration reform yesterday. the president. >> obama: there will be rigorous debate about many of the details and every stakeholder should engage in real give-and-take in the process. but it's important for us to recognize that the foundation for bipartisan action is already in place. and if congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, i will send up a bill based on my proposal and insist this they vote on it right away. >> stephanie: see if only you knew how much closer this is getting to american president every day. i'm going to send the assault weapons ban to the floor. >> you're going to make me watch that movie. >> stephanie: if she can get through the traffic. right-wing world and more next
8:31 am
on "the stephanie miller show." to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
8:32 am
8:33 am
8:34 am
8:35 am
>> preliminary reports indicated -- >> stephanie miller -- >> was drunk at the helm. those reports were later confirmed. >> stephanie: oh the commercial breaks. when i share way too much private information. it was like i woke up in a pile of dirty diapers. i'm saying when you have really bad food poisoning i'm still eating my pedialyte popsicle and
8:36 am
i'm having a gastrointestinal situation. you know what will make it better? >> from current tv? >> stephanie: right. because jim ward is out with a thing with a guy and a voice-over thing. ♪ i think she gets up in the night and burns the light ♪ ♪ the only one who got it right was jacki schechner ♪ >> stephanie: good morning jacki schechner. >> i'm not an actual doctor. >> stephanie: i always forget that. i forget that from the number of times jim has asked for you to show up in your naughty nurse outfit i always forget. healthcare reform is what you're an expert on. i'm a little rumbly in my tumbly still. >> she had soup and she's eating a pedialyte popsicle. >> you have to get solids at some point. >> stephanie: i'm on it. jacki schechner before we dive into right-wing world, hillary clinton super pac has been
8:37 am
launched. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> i saw that yesterday. it's called ready for hillary. simple ready to work for hillary when she's ready to run. >> she insists it is grassroots. >> no, no, no. it is supposedly a woman who is an avid hillary supporter. she and seven other cofounders put it together. they've got 50,000 followers on twitter and they're not going to have a web presence like a web site or anything like that up for a couple of weeks but you know what? there is such a grassroots support for hillary. there are a lot of women and lot of men who are really excited about the prospect of her running. i will tell you that this is not just -- this is not just national. this is global because she held a global town hall yesterday secretary of state clinton did and a bunch of the questions were whether or not she's going to run for president. >> stephanie: i enjoy the montages of her dancing. i would vote for her. if there is a worse white woman dancer than me, that is her. >> they insisted in this article
8:38 am
yesterday about her super pac that it was not her usual team of advisers. this was just avid supporters. >> stephanie: everybody is speculating at this point. there was an opinion piece and someone saying biden, they don't think biden or hillary will run because of age. we're so far out. >> it is tough to tell. a lot can happen in four years. >> the president was just inaugurated last week for god's sake. >> stephanie: that's what he said in the joint interview with hillary. i was inaugurated four days ago. >> he's young. president obama is a young president. it's not unheard of that an older candidate would be -- viable. >> stephanie: you know who people do not want to run for president? rick perry. >> for like a thousand reasons. >> stephanie: two of them. his approval rating in the gutter. texas governor rick perry large majority of his constituents prefer he not have another term. 54% of texan voters disapprove
8:39 am
of the job he's doing. 62% say he should not seek re-election next year. 79% of texas voters including 66% of republicans say perry should not run for president in 2016. >> the only person whose numbers are comparable would be rick scott. in florida. >> you're right. >> stephanie: exactly. all right. let's dive into the right-wing world. see what's doin'. jacki has never come along in the sidecar before. >> wee! >> stephanie: don't be scared, little girl. bill o'reilly on immigration reform. >> what about the 37% of immigrant families and for illegal immigrants, the number is 47% that are in some kind of means tested welfare. should that be part of the legislation. what i'm getting at here is i understand the political strategy, i think everybody does, g.o.p. needs to get more hispanic votes. but if you legalize everybody that's here and they get more on the welfare entitlement train which they are now, i don't know
8:40 am
if that's good for the nation. >> stephanie: you know why they're not going to get more of the latino vote regardless of what happens on immigration reform because they keep saying things like that. right? i was just looking -- chris you just sent me a piece about latinos, here is a little breaking news for everybody they didn't vote just on immigration reform. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] they're not one-issue voters. they voted on the economy like a lot of us did. >> yeah. it is so funny to me they can come out and say we need to get more of the hispanic vote. so we're just going to pander by saying that we're in support of some sort of immigration reform. they don't actually believe in it. it is not actually anything substantive. >> stephanie: i love what senator boxer said. don't they think that latinos can hear, too? all right. sean hannity. >> president barack obama delivered his second inaugural address which will probably be remembered as the most liberal speech of his entire left wing
8:41 am
political career. as you know, it came at a time when his administration happens to be engaged in an all-out assault on the second amendment and the rights of law-abiding americans. however, it seems that trampling on your right to keep and bear arms is not enough for this president. no. now, he is setting his sights even higher. so what's his next target? the first amendment of course. according to the anointed -- the reason why he's failed on the economy, failed to create jobs, failed to rein in radical extremism eyebrowed because some of us have dared to speak out about his agenda. >> the anointed one as opposed to the elected one? >> stephanie: is it wrong when new polls come out i picture sean hannity's head exploding? obama's approval rating hits three-year high. inaugural address. guess what, sean. it mirrors the election results! what people think of his inaugural address which is what he ran and won on. >> you raised a good point
8:42 am
jacki. he's not the anointed one. he's the elected one. >> they live in this fantasyland that he lives in this monarchy. >> stephanie: i'm sure it was a teleprompter error at fox. i'm sure thal -- they'll correct that. peter johnson. whose name is peter johnson. [ laughter ] okay. shh. >> is he an actual guy? >> stephanie: fox news. >> fox news to answer the first amendment as does rush limbaugh. the job of fox news is to go after policies and to go after politicians in a constructive way. fox news has the best reporters in america and the best commentators and thinkers in america. if that upsets the president of the united states or the democratic leadership, then so be it. without a free fox, there's not a free america. >> stephanie: when you think of steve ducey and brian kilmeade, that's the twheard comes to mind.
8:43 am
>> when i mount my journalism career. >> stephanie: the big thinkers. yep. no gretchen carlson. >> the shorter the skirt the closer to god. >> stephanie: there you go. >> melted butter sculpture gretchen carlson. >> stephanie: jon scott and doug somebody. i don't know who that is. >> new reaction to what could be a dramatic reversal for the boy scouts of america as the group considers easing its long-standing ban on gay members. for families who have long seen the boy scout as a refuge for traditional values, the proposed policy change is deeply disturbing. >> stephanie: oh dear. >> a refuge for traditional values. >> stephanie: oh no. >> that's why i joined the boy scouts. >> it was a refuge. you can escape that whole monolith of liberalism. >> stephanie: here, let's make s'mores. >> it is permeating society. >> stephanie: make s'mores and stay away from the gays. quick, in the tent! >> all they did was play
8:44 am
dungeons and dragons. too many swords and elves for me here. >> stephanie: you're weird. >> what do you mean? i'm weird? i quit because of that. >> stephanie: american family radio. >> i am a bible believer. i'm a christian. and in our bible we see god rain down destruction on an entire city and people group because of the wickedness of homosexuality. and i don't want to continue to see every area of life in america succumb to the pressure of political correctness from the forces on the side of the homosexual agenda. i am worried about what god will do with this nation if we're not careful. >> stephanie: uh-oh. so it is not climate change. it is gays. >> where is the john fuglesang religious truth squad when you need it? >> stephanie: my bad.
8:45 am
apologize. not climate change. >> you're spending too much time on this agenda, the two of you. >> stephanie: i've not even gotten a copy of it. i don't know what the deal is. u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia, personal favorite he emphatically rebutted the notion the constitution is a living document. he said it is not a living document. it is dead dead, dead. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> but if a document is designed to have the ability to be changed, then it can be considered a living document. if it can't be changed, if it is set in stone then sure, it's dead. you can change the constitution. >> stephanie: right. it just worries me, jacki. marriage equality and other stuff coming up. he's like cuckoo bananas. >> it seem to me as the people get older, they start to lose it. it doesn't make any sense. they're not changing with society. that's problematic. social norms change and what we
8:46 am
learn and grow with as society changes, then so should the opinions of our justice system, i would imagine. at least in a reasonable society. >> stephanie: that's so cute and hopeful. [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] plucky, cute little news girl. >> like waking up on christmas morn all blinky. >> stephanie: she's all blinky. [ laughter ] jacki schechner can you stay or do your news stuff? >> i have to do some news things. >> stephanie: thank you for joining us. >> it is my pleasure. glad i was in the sidecar. >> stephanie: you were fabulous. get out now. we love you. 45 minutes after the hour. back with celebrity stack and the remaining moments of "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: she's your human prozac. it's "the stephanie miller show." argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
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at age twenty-five she married a football star. at 32 she may have divorced her murderer. of all the hours in all her days, these are the ones you'll never forget.
8:51 am
♪ and runnin' and runnin' and runnin', runnin' runnin' ♪ ♪ everybody everybody get into it ♪ stephanie miller. ♪ get started ♪ ♪ let's get it started ♪ ♪ let's get it started in here ♪ ♪ let's get it started ♪ ♪ let's get it started in here ♪ >> let's get it started just in time to end the show. >> stephanie: up in here. "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 49 minutes after the hour. the web site. we may have a big announcement this week. roland high-strung sexy liberal tour director has the weirdest dreams about me. he said steph i had a dream last night that you were engaged in jennifer hudson. [ applause ] >> stephanie: that's the weirdest dream ever. >> i don't think she's that way. >> stephanie: no. all right. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] guess who is that way and we didn't know was alive. jim nabors.
8:52 am
golly. >> first thing i thought of. >> stephanie: see, that's the stage i'm at in my career. oh, is she alive? >> she's still here? >> congratulations. >> stephanie: just married his long-time male partner in seattle. he's 82. i just did that for the chance of saying golly! >> are you the world's foremost jim neighborrors impersonating. >> stephanie: jim is at a voice job. here is my marco rubio impression. >> i think there's been this false argument that conservatism and republicans are anti-immigration and we're not. never have been. conthe contrary, we're pro -- on the contrary, we're pro legal immigration. we realize it needs to be reformed. we also recognize because conservatism has been about common sense, that we do have a existing problem that needs to be dealt with in the best way possible. >> stephanie: that was eerie how good that was.
8:53 am
ooh, i was working on that the whole night. [ applause ] all right. marco rubio one more time. >> this endeavor becomes a bidding war to see who can come up with the easiest quickest and cheapest pathway to green card possible. this thing is not going to go well folks. >> stephanie: right. let's make it as hard and as punitive and as awful as possible so no one will ever come out of the shadows and it will defeat the purpose entirely. good idea. >> yeah, see? >> stephanie: just because your parents fled castro before castro came to power because they were psychic cubans, you can't expect everyone to be so lucky. couple of holes in his story. his parents usually -- anyway. [ whatever! ] >> pay no attention to that. >> stephanie: it doesn't go with the narrative. [ ♪ hypnotic ♪ ] representative marsha blackburn please and thank you tea bagger from tennessee. >> want to make certain is that it is not amnesty. but i have to tell you, i think this is some of the particulars
8:54 am
and the legislative language that people want to see. what we've learned is if you grant amnesty what do you get? more amnesty. more illegal entry. so what we want to make certain is that we have learned those lessons. so let's see what the legislative language is going to be. let's make certain it is going to be fair. >> stephanie: i think amnesty is the most helpful language ever. that and calling human beings illegals. helpful, helpful helpful. okay. josh in memphis. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hello, josh. >> caller: how you doing, miss steph? >> stephanie: good. >> caller: walmart, about a week ago announced all retired vets would have a job for. i would like to thank them for offering to pay our vets that have risked their lives for us $8.50 an hour less than they need to survive. >> stephanie: nice of them. >> caller: i thought how awesome. >> stephanie: dan in chicago you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi dan.
8:55 am
>> caller: hey, back on to guns for a second. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: how about we register the guns being sold with background checks so when all of the murders like in chicago already 50 plus murders in chicago this year which is astronomical. it is due to illegal weapons. if we can track the guns to who purchased them, who bought it from this guy and that guy don't you think that would actually help and background checks? >> stephanie: yeah. wayne lapierrre is testifying today. he has no interest in what's going to help. you know. that's the thing. everything they say, they talk out of both sides of their mouth. they don't want violent mentally ill people to get guns but they don't want to do anything that makes an actual background check work. okay. lester in nevada. you're on the "the stephanie miller show." hello, lester. >> caller: good morning, stephanie. thank you for taking my call. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: i just wanted to speak briefly about the
8:56 am
republican party. they're doing a great disservice to people in the middle that are moderate and want to see real action and real -- fixing our problems instead of knee-jerk reactions, hate mongering and the crap that comes out of fox news which is all lies. they lie all the time. >> stephanie: they're talking points. you can't solve a problem with talking points. wayne lapierrre they released his testimony before he was going to testify saying what he's going to say is there's no point in background checks because bad people will always get guns. really? so you're just going to stick with that talking point instead of coming to the table. what's the point hey speaking of gun assaults, justin bieber has been accused of assault with a nerf dart. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] he was preparing for a concert in ottawa, canada, back in november. he was shooting nerf guns with his siblings.
8:57 am
one struck a female security guard. the unidentified guard went to the ottawa police after recovering from her nerf wound. >> wait! hold on! hold on! >> stephanie: i'm guessing if you weren't shot with a nerf gun by somebody with a lot of money you might not probably -- >> nerf and wound should never be next to each other in a sentence ever. >> stephanie: that's the point of nerf. my brother who had other ways to harm me like hanged me, he used to throw nerf balls at me. >> right. you're kind of clumsy. you've been known to injure yourself. why not cover your house with nerf. >> stephanie: good idea. one degree of stephanie miller separation with justin bieber. i flew to charlotte to take my mom out for her gd lobster and i rented a limo and everything to make it a fancy date. we had a little -- sosh it showed up. big, long limo. my mom was excited. they called and he is with need
8:58 am
the limo back because justin bieber is in town. i said i'm not rushing my mother. it is her 90th birthday! justin bieber needed a limo. >> justin bieber should fly with his own limo. like the president. >> stephanie: they gave us another car. i'm like i'm not rushing my mother through dinner because justin bieber needs -- somebody going to a -- >> was there a time limit on your limo rental? >> stephanie: no. my mother is good and ready. when she's done with her gd lobster and vodka martinis, that's when we'll be going home. >> your mother may have been shot with a nerf gun. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: everybody calm down. the nfl has defendedded beyonce. she's not a pain in the ass. >> that's not what i heard. >> stephanie: she's getting ready for the super bowl. beyonce knowles is a freakin' saint. not the diva she's been made out to be. >> i don't believe that. i believe she's super demanding.
8:59 am
>> stephanie: you're not a single lady. i love me some beyonce. and you're going to come to my super bowl party and you're going to dance and you're going to love it. >> oh, okay. >> stephanie: all right. >> are you going to make me go-go? >> stephanie: we both have a thing against taylor swift. >> i don't care for her. >> stephanie: i don't have a type. yes, do you. you have a type that includes men you can write songs about after you break their heart. she has dated a host of celebrities. she said -- she wrote the song we're never ever getting back together which is believed to be about jake gyllenhaal. to remind herself not to take him back. we've had him on. he's delightful. good! i'm glad you're not with her anymore, jake. you're too bad for her! just sayin'. taylor swift thing. >> she also dated a kennedy. >> stephanie: broke his heart too!


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